Taking your vehicle on Tour

Taking part in a desert tour is an exciting adventure, but if you don't use the right vehicle, it might turn into a nightmare. Why not take your 4x4 to make drives to scenetic valleys, enchanting villages or National Parks stress-free? Your travel companions will thank you for it. For smooth car relocation, follow these tips.

Extra information about car relocation

First things first

Compare quotes from different companies that provide car shipping services. They typically charge for every mile that they transport your vehicle. If the car is large, you will be charged more on both land and sea. You'll also be asked to pay additional fee to move and store it on a ship. Other things that you should do before shipping include-

Supplying the shipping company with all necessary paperwork such as a shipper expert declaration form and a notarized title.

Confirming that your car insurance covers overseas travel.

Making sure that your car is cleaned and serviced before the company picks it up or prior to dropping it off. This includes checking battery and fluids and removing personal items from the vehicle.

Inspect your car before shipping so that you can identify damage that may occur during transportation. The vehicle should also be inspected after shipping.

Transportation of the vehicle to the port and back

If you don't want to drive your 4x4 to the port, you can ask the company to pick-up the vehicle from your home and drop it off to your preferred location on arrival -- at an additional cost. The company should be able to do so in a maximum of five working days. They'll also bring the paper work for you to sign, offer advice on the transportation time, and let you known when they will make the delivery upon return. If you would like to save some money, you could drop off and pick up the car at a terminal yourself. This is, however, an inconveniencing option for individuals who live far.

Relocating the car by boat and then back

Your vehicle will be transported in a closed container. The enclosure will protect the windows and finish of your car from damage caused by salt air, sea breezes, and dust. Once the vehicle arrives at your destination, you can pick it up or have the company drop it off. They can also collect it once you are done with your desert tour. Before departure, you will go through the entire process again. This includes presenting paper work, inspecting the vehicle and the company loading the vehicle before return to your home country. Most companies typically store the vehicle for an agreed period of time if you haven't asked them to drop it off. If your vehicle overstays, you will be charged an additional fee.


If you are taking part in a dessert tour, hire professionals to help safely transport your car to your destination. That way, you can relax and enjoy your trip. All you need to do is to get in touch with the company's customer service, and have them confirm details of what you need. They will also answer additional questions that you might have and offer advice.